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What is Coffee & Pens?

Coffee & Pens is where you discover the latest writing tips and publishing secrets. Recently (self-published) authors share their first-hand experience at writing and publishing their first book(s).

Every interview provides new information and insights that will be useful in your writing and publishing journey. From accountability, over writing tools, to receiving feedback, Coffee & Pens has it all covered.

Latest Interviews

  • Prolific Writer Special II
    A month has gone by since I asked five prolific writers about their secrets. I’m back with a new edition, in which freelancers and content managers share their secrets about finding inspiration and writing as much as they do. Who them? Nia Gyant: Nia is a freelance writer who has been sharing daily tweets about writing and freelancing for over seven months. She’s a rising star in the Twitter writing scene. Keep your eyes open for her… Read More »Prolific Writer Special II
  • Sathyanand: Writing and Visualising for Clarity
    Sathyanand from The Yellow Visuals and Sathya’s sketchnotes discusses the importance of writing and how to make better visuals.
  • Andy Strote: From Copywriter to Author
    Andy Strote from How to Start a Successful Creative Agency discusses why you should self-publish and how to exploit your book by creating related products.