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What is Coffee & Pens?

Coffee & Pens is where you discover the latest writing tips and publishing secrets. Recently (self-published) authors share their first-hand experience at writing and publishing their first book(s).

Every interview provides new information and insights that will be useful in your writing and publishing journey. From accountability, over writing tools, to receiving feedback, Coffee & Pens has it all covered.

Latest Interviews

  • Craig Burgess: Daily Creation
    Craig Burgess, the author of Extreme Production and The Magic Visual, talks about inspiration, writing tools and journaling.
  • Prolific Writer Special III
    Mohit, John Paul, Dylan, Sharissa and Johna share writing advice and sources of inspirations for poetry, journalism, essays and more.
  • Ayush Chaturvedi: A Book about Twitter
    Ayush Chaturvedi talks about his book Seven Habits of Highly Successful Tweeple, writing in 30 days and pursuing your goals.