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Coffee & Pens is where you discover the latest writing tips and publishing secrets. Authors share their first-hand experience at writing and publishing their first book(s).

Every interview provides new information and insights that will be useful in your writing and publishing journey. From accountability and writing tools to receiving feedback, Coffee & Pens has it covered.

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  • Ash Lamb & Jamie Russo: Creative Co-op
    Jamie Russo and Ash Lamb discuss the ideation and creation of their picture book If Creators Are Like Wizards.
  • Prolific Writer Special IV
    Five prolific writers discuss their inspiration sources and writing tips. (Dickie Bush, Ev Chapman, Kevon Cheung, Thomas J Bevan & Arunima Khunteta)
  • April Dunford: Positioning Your Book
    April Dunford is a “naturally caffeinated one-trick pony”. She drinks terrible decaf because she doesn’t need caffeine to be energised. She calls herself a one-trick pony because she’s all about positioning.  After 25 years as a VP of marketing and 5 years of consulting tech companies on positioning, she decided to bundle her knowledge in “Obviously Awesome”. How to position a book about positioning April has been a positioning expert for many years. So it won’t surprise… Read More »April Dunford: Positioning Your Book

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