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June 2021

Spenser Warren: Fiction Frameworks

Spenser Warren talks about fiction writing. He explores topics like rapid releases, character development and storyline frameworks.

Prolific Writer Special II

A month has gone by since I asked five prolific writers about their secrets. I’m back with a new edition, in which freelancers and content managers share their secrets about finding inspiration and writing as much as they do. Who them? Nia Gyant: Nia is a freelance writer who has been sharing daily tweets about… Read More »Prolific Writer Special II

Andy Strote: From Copywriter to Author

Andy Strote from How to Start a Successful Creative Agency discusses why you should self-publish and how to exploit your book by creating related products.

Helena Roth: Gentle Writing with an Edge

Helena talks about her book Doing Gentle with an Edge, what it means to her and how it influenced her prolific writing career. Feelings are a main driver in her content and writing process.