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August 2021

Cassandra Chaput: Poetry and Editing

Cassandra Chaput talks about writing poetry and publishing her first two collections Rooted and Rooted II. She also discusses how she became a proofreader and editor.

David Kadavy: Mastering Creativity

David Kadavy talks about design for hackers, mind management, not time management and the heart to start. He also discuses optimising creativity and the difference between self-publishing and traditional publishing.

40 of the Best Writing tips

Writing is a struggle. Sometimes, you need a pat on the back and sometimes, you want to see what others did before. Hence these 40 writing tips by authors like Stephen King, Ray Bradbury and J.K. Rowling.

Ramli John: Book Onboarding

Ramli John, the author of Product-Led Onboarding, discusses the importance of story and metaphor, onboarding readers and finding inspiration by teaching first.