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Arvid Kahl: Finding Your Audience

Arvid Kahl from The Embedded Entrepreneur and Zero to Sold discusses imposter syndrome, finding your niche and alpha readers.

Jake Belford: From Book to Manual

Jake Belford talks about his first book, which is more like a field manual. In Flow States On-Demand you’ll discover how to write in flow. Daily.

Corey McComb: Writing is for Humans

Corey talks about the need to write a book that will live a life of its own. People aren’t robots so we need to step back, reconnect and recalibrate our creativity.

Ben Putano: Writing in Public

In this interview with Ben Putano, we discussed writing in public and the process of writing his first book: Great Founders Write.

Prabhsimrat Gill: A Book in 49 Days

I talked to the world’s youngest self-published non-fiction author, Prabhsimrat Gill about how he wrote his first book “Exploring the New You” in less than two months.

Jamie Russo: The Social Creator

Jamie Russo is the author of The Underdog Paradox. We discussed the writing process, publishing his first book and the power of Twitter friends.