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If all the interviews on Coffee & Pens are free, why should I buy the magazine?

Good question. The magazine presents the first ten interviews (April – June) in an easy-to-read format that you can export to Kindle, Apple Books or any PDF reader. On top of that, it has exclusive content that you won’t find on the website or in the newsletter.

What’s inside?

» 10 interviews with self-published authors

» Personal insights about the books and their authors.

» Discounts for most of the book included. (Over $20 in total)

» My highlights from each book

» Actionable tips and takeaways from each interview.

» More than 30 tips from prolific writers.


1. Jamie Russo talks about outlines, public accountability and the writing process.

2. Prabhsimrat Gill talks about purpose, daily writing and believing in yourself.

3. Benjamin Putano talks about planning, writing in public and writing coaches.

4. Jake Belford talks about writing flow, narrowing down and promotion stunts.

5. Corey McComb talks about productivity, writing anywhere and organisation.

6. Arvid Kahl talks about finding your audience, consistency and writing in public.

7. Nicolas Cole talks about online writing, exploring yourself and self-publishing.

8. Helena Roth talks about inspiration, blogging and writing retreats. 

9. Andy Strote talks about marketing, self-publishing and freelance writing.

10. Sathyanand talks about pre-sales, finding clarity and product testing.