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helena roth doing gentle

Helena Roth: Gentle Writing with an Edge

Helena talks about her book Doing Gentle with an Edge, what it means to her and how it influenced her prolific writing career. Feelings are a main driver in her content and writing process.

Prolific Writer Special

Five prolific writers (Jerine, Amanda, Mustafa, Jeremy and Daniel) talk about finding inspiration, their top three writing tips and the secret to their prolific writing journey.

Jake Belford Flow State On Demand

Jake Belford: From Book to Manual

Jake Belford talks about his first book, which is more like a field manual. In Flow States On-Demand you’ll discover how to write in flow. Daily.

Corey McComb Productivity is for Robots

Corey McComb: Writing is for Humans

Corey talks about the need to write a book that will live a life of its own. People aren’t robots so we need to step back, reconnect and recalibrate our creativity.

Benjamin Putano great founders write

Ben Putano: Writing in Public

In this interview with Ben Putano, we discussed writing in public and the process of writing his first book: Great Founders Write.