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Ramli John: Book Onboarding

Ramli John, the author of Product-Led Onboarding, discusses the importance of story and metaphor, onboarding readers and finding inspiration by teaching first.

Craig Burgess: Daily Creation

Craig Burgess, the author of Extreme Production and The Magic Visual, talks about inspiration, writing tools and journaling.

Prolific Writer Special III

Mohit, John Paul, Dylan, Sharissa and Johna share writing advice and sources of inspirations for poetry, journalism, essays and more.

Spenser Warren: Fiction Frameworks

Spenser Warren talks about fiction writing. He explores topics like rapid releases, character development and storyline frameworks.

Prolific Writer Special II

A month has gone by since I asked five prolific writers about their secrets. I’m back with a new edition, in which freelancers and content managers share their secrets about finding inspiration and writing as much as they do. Who them? Nia Gyant: Nia is a freelance writer who has been sharing daily tweets about… Read More »Prolific Writer Special II

Andy Strote: From Copywriter to Author

Andy Strote from How to Start a Successful Creative Agency discusses why you should self-publish and how to exploit your book by creating related products.

Helena Roth: Gentle Writing with an Edge

Helena talks about her book Doing Gentle with an Edge, what it means to her and how it influenced her prolific writing career. Feelings are a main driver in her content and writing process.

Prolific Writer Special

Five prolific writers (Jerine, Amanda, Mustafa, Jeremy and Daniel) talk about finding inspiration, their top three writing tips and the secret to their prolific writing journey.